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ClimateMaster Equipment


Tranquility® Digital Packaged Systems

ClimateMaster Tranquility® Packaged systems provide comfort, sustainability, and efficiency at an affordable price for new and existing homes

iGate® communicating controls use the power of two-way communication to monitor, control and diagnose your system in real time.

Geothermal eliminates the flame and the harmful emissions of onsite fossil fuel combustion.


Tranquility® Water to Water Systems

The ClimateMaster Tranquility® Water-to-Water series brings together the advantages of radiant floor heating wit the benefits of geothermal technology, providing unmatched comfort and savings. The Tranquility® Water-to-Water series has installation options that can be used for snow/ice melt, spa, pool water heating and free hot water.

Water-to-water can also provide chilled water to small fan coil units for forced-air cooling if desired. The water-to-water series is available in a wide range of unit sizes for most any installation.

Tranquility® Water-to-Water geothermal heat pump systems provide the most efficient and environmentally sustainable method of heating and colling water for your carbon footprint.

TMW-Residential-36-60-Front tranquility water to water.png

Tranquility® Digital Split Systems

According to the US EPA, geothermal heat pumps can reduce energy consumption – and corresponding emissions – up to 44% compared with air-source heat pumps and up to 72% compared with electric resistance heating with standard air-conditioning equipment.

Indoors or out, attic or basement, your Tranquility® Digital Split System is designed to fit any application


Replace your existing furnace and AC and enjoy the financial and environmental benefits only a geothermal can deliver.

Tranquility Digital Split System Components.png

Trilogy® 45 Q-Mode (QE) and Trilogy® 45 (VE) Packaged Systems

The ENERGY STAR® awarded product means your home benefits from the most energy efficient product on the market to keep you exceptionally comfortable, while saving you money for years in the future.

Benefit from the leading technology in home comfort with variable speed components – the system only works as hard as it needs to – improve your home efficiency and take advantage of hot water generated by the system.

Trilogy-45-Unit (1) QE.png

We sell pre-spaced pond coils, or just the spacers alone. 


Loop Staples
1000 ct
$80 a box

Geothermal Loops

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