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Carroll White County REMC

Why Geothermal is more affordable here

Federal Tax Credits 

30% through 2032

Carroll White County REMC Looped In

Looped In program, where they pay for the loop portion of the install which will add a small rider to your monthly bill for use of the loop. This takes the up-front cost of the system out of the member's Financial obligation toward the project. 

Carroll White County REMC Rebates

$1500 Geothermal Rebate
for new geothermal systems

Carroll White County REMC Loan Opportunities

$500 - $25,000 with a 3% interest rate

Wabash Valley Co-op
$2000 Geothermal Rebate
for new geothermal systems

Not only do you get the most efficient system you can buy, a green alternative, lower energy bills and constant supply of hot water, as a member of the Carroll White County REMC it is more affordable to put in a new Geothermal HVAC system than it is any other system. 

For more information about Geothermal and these programs contact us today!

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