Indiana Geothermal installs multiple types of earth loop systems:

Horizontal Bore Loops
Our horizontal bore allows you to install geothermal group loops with minimal digging and destruction to your customers yard.
- Easier to sell. Customers love their lawns.
- No longer cost prohibitive
- Reduces “call backs” due to ground settling & lawn discoloration caused by digging loops
- Can bore under crawl spaces

Horizontal loop
Installed in areas where soil conditions permit economical excavation. Take up more land area than any other loop type, they are used were space permits. Trenches are normally about five feet deep with multiple pipes placed in the trench at different depths. Normally several hundred feet of trench is required, but where space permits these loops are considered desirable.  Photos>>

Pond Loop
Usually very economical to install. If a pond or lake at least eight feet deep is available, pond loops can utilize the water (rather than soil) to transfer heat to and from the pond. A coiled pipe is placed in the water, which should cover about a half an acre. An average home would require about 900 feet of pipe. Reduced installation costs and high performance are characteristic of this type of loop.  Photos>>

Vertical Loop
Used extensively where land area is limited or soil conditions prohibit digging more economical horizontal loops. A pair of pipes with a special U-bend assembly at the bottom is inserted into a bored hole that averages between 150 to 250 feet deep per ton of equipment. These holes are then back filled with a special grout solution to ensure good contact with the earth.  Photos>>